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Streamline Mobile Automation with Pega Platform

Our mobile automation capabilities have been designed to streamline the deployment of applications to mobile devices. Leveraging the out-of-the-box mobile channel, you can expedite the process of deploying your application, ensuring rapid delivery to your users.

Getting Started with Pega Platform Application -

Before diving into building your mobile app, there are several essential tasks that need to be completed:

  • Certificate Acquisition: Obtain the necessary certificates.

  • Push Notification Configuration: Prepare the framework to enable push notifications.

  • Access Configuration: Configure access to other Pega apps if required.

  • Pega Mobile Build Server Access: Configure access to the Pega Mobile Build Server.

Access credentials for the Pega Mobile Build server are provided with the Pega Mobile Client License and can be configured in Admin Studio.

Pega Mobile Build Server: Simplifying App Building -

The Pega Mobile Build Server offers developers a convenient one-click solution to build their mobile apps for Android or iOS. Once built, the app package file can be locally downloaded and signed before being uploaded to enterprise app stores for distribution.

Android App Development -

Developing an Android app requires attention to detail in acquiring and managing certificate sets. A complete Android certificate set includes:

  • App ID (Package Name): A unique string identifying your Android app.

  • Signing Certificate: Essential for app integrity and security.

  • Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) Server Key: Facilitates push notifications.

  • Google Services JSON: Configuration file for Google services.

For detailed instructions on creating a signing certificate, refer to our documentation here.

Submitting Your Certificate -

Submitting your certificate is a straightforward process:

  1. Open your mobile channel in App Studio.

  2. Select the operating system for your app (iOS or Android).

  3. Choose the appropriate certificate set and logging level.

  4. Optionally, specify the build version.

  5. Click "Build app" to initiate the process.

Conclusion -

With Pega Platform's mobile automation capabilities, the process of deploying applications to mobile devices becomes seamless and efficient. From certificate acquisition to app building, our platform offers comprehensive support at every step of the way, ensuring smooth delivery of your mobile applications.

For more information and detailed instructions, visit our documentation or reach out to our support team.

Stay connected, stay productive!

-Team Enigma Metaverse

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