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Configuring Event-Driven Campaigns in Pega Customer Decision Hub

Events provide a mechanism for responding to real-time marketing opportunities. An Event is essentially an entry-point into the application which can be initiated by internal or external systems. Events can be mapped to Multi-Channel Campaigns and can trigger their execution. 

Step 1: Enable RealTimeEvent:

  1. Enable RealTimeEvent: This setting in the engagement type enables event-triggered execution of the campaign. 

  2. Configuration Options

    1. Validate that customer is part of audience: If enabled, the customer associated with the event is validated against the configured audience on the campaign. Campaign execution is triggered only if the customer is part of the campaign's audience. 

    2. Listen for events from/to: Specify the start and, optionally, end date and time values during which the campaign will listen for the events associated with it. Events received outside this timeframe are ignored. 

  3. Associate Events with the Campaign: Use the "Add events" link to associate real-time events with the campaign. 

  4. EventDataflow: After running the campaign, the EventDataflow is created in the backend, responsible for initiating an offer to the customer from the defined strategy after an event trigger. 


Step 2: Triggering an Event with the SOAP, HTTP services 

  1. Pega Customer Decision Hub provides built-in support for triggering events with the SOAP and HTTP services. 

  2. Rule-Service-HTTP 

    1. The following URL is an example request triggering the AccountOpened Event, passing in the Customer's ID, and information about the Event: http://<host>:<port>/prweb/PRHTTPService/PegaMKTDataMktEvent/Services/HandleMktEvents?EventName=AccountOpened&CustomerID=JR&EventType=Branch 

  3. When an event is triggered, the system determines whether the referenced event is valid, enabled, and available (date and time are valid). If so, any campaigns that are associated with the events are initiated. The payload for the event (including customer id) is propagated to the campaign, and from there to the strategy, and finally to the action.

-Team Enigma Metaverse

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