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Building Expressions using the Expression Builder

Crafting expressions within Pega is made intuitive and efficient with the help of the Expression Builder. Let's explore the step-by-step process of authoring expressions using this powerful tool:

  • Constructing the Expression:  Begin by building the expression within the Expression Builder interface. You have several options to aid in this process:

  • Click on "Browse" to access the leftmost panel, showcasing functions and properties available for insertion into the expression. Utilize the search feature to quickly locate specific elements. 

  • Ensure expression accuracy by clicking on "Test," allowing the Expression Builder to validate your input in real-time. Syntax errors, if any, will be displayed above the text editor. 

  • Enter the expression directly into the text editor, including functions, operators, constants, property references, or linked property references.  

  • Adding Properties: 

    • Insert properties into the expression by typing "." in the text editor and selecting from the list of available properties. 

    • Alternatively, click on "Properties," choose the relevant page from which to reference the property, and drag it into the text editor. Properties can be sourced from various types of pages, including Current Page, Data Page, Parameter Pages, and Custom Page. 

  • Incorporating Functions: 

    • Include functions by typing "@" in the text editor and selecting from the list. 

    • Press Ctrl + the space bar to access function suggestions. 

    • Drag functions from the "Functions" panel into the text editor, selecting the appropriate library containing the desired function. 

    • For functions requiring arguments, enter the argument values directly into the text editor. 

  • Searching for Elements: 

    • Search for properties or non-internal functions within your current page by entering keywords into the search field. Results will be displayed in a pane, which can be dragged into the text area.

  • Testing the Expression:  Once the expression is constructed, it's essential to test its functionality:

    • Click on "Test" to initiate the testing process. 

    • Enter input values for properties referenced in the expression within the Test data panel. 

    • Test either the entire expression or a specific fragment by selecting the relevant portion. 

    • The result of the test will be displayed either in the "Result" field for the entire expression or the "Result of selection" field for a fragment.

  • Finalizing and Submitting:    Upon successful testing, finalize the expression by clicking "Submit." This ensures that the expression is saved and ready for implementation within your Pega application.   With the Expression Builder's guided interface and real-time validation capabilities, crafting complex expressions becomes a seamless task, empowering users to optimize their Pega applications efficiently. Unlock the full potential of expressions in Pega with this intuitive tool. 


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